Crowbar gig review.

Crowbar gig review.
Date – 04/03/14
Venue – The Garage, London. (venue rating is 6 out of 10 and the sound quality is 4 out of 10)
Bill – Crowbar with support from Dripback and Hang the bastard.

First up tonight are Dripback who burst into a ferocious blend of hardcore punk and death metal. They give it there all up there on that small stage with response from the audience but still they seem extremely grateful even for the small amount of crowd reaction that they got.
4 out of 10.

Next up are sludge heavy-weights Hang the bastard.
From the first slow, sludgy, down-tuned riff the band immediately start killing it.
You can tell they’re all having a great time and are all giving it 100% And a large amount of the crowd show their appreciation by nodding their heads along to the riffs and a few guys start to really loose themselves and try to open up a pit but the rest of the audience were less than keen.
They seem to be a fantastic product of Kirk Windstein and Tony Iommi mixed with almost black metal vocals.
7 out of 10.

Finally tonight’s headliners and New Orleans sludge heavy weights ‘Crowbar’ take the stage.
The crowd erupts as they burst into the second song the set and the old classic “High Rate Extinction”.
As they reach the heaviest riff of the song, the pit goes crazy and almost the whole room is headbanging and showing their enjoyment.

They play through some of the other old classics such as All I Had (I Gave), Planets Collide, Self -Inflicted and The Lasting Dose.
Through the whole set the crowd never looses the energy or seems to get bored, there’s constantly a pit going and every one is constantly bopping there heads along to Kirk’s heavy riffs.
At the end of the set after the encore the band stand at the edge of the stage showing their appreciation to the fans for coming out by shaking hands and giving out drum sticks, guitar picks and when Kirk ran out of guitar picks he even gave his spare change to an adoring fan as a souvenir.
Tonight the band show who the true kings of sludge are and the smile on Kirk’s face shows why we would quit the almighty ‘Down’ to focus on Crowbar full time, and lastly tonight proves that Kirk is truly as is says on his guitar pick, the “Riff Lord”
8 out of 10.

Neil Ivy.


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