Andy McKee Live in London – review.

Andy McKee Live in London – review.
Date – 30/03/14
Venue – Union Chapel, London. (venue rating is 7 out of 10 and the sound quality is 8 out of 10)
Bill – Andy McKee with Petteri Sariola opening the show.

First up was Petteri Sariola, who Andy personally introduces to the crowd.
It doesn’t seem like many people knew who he was but from the first song you could tell he was gaining some more fans.
His playing was just phenomenal and his voice was top notch too.
He played a cover of ‘wake me up before you go go’ during which Andy McKee and Mike Dawes provided some joking backing vocals shouting a line of the song, which the crowd found very amusing.
The crowd were very respectful of the fact that it was only him and his guitar and that it would be easy for him to be thrown off by them making noise and didn’t make a sound well he playing.
Then at the end of his half hour set he played his most popular song ‘Prime’ and got a fantastic reaction to the audience (which included Andy himself and Mike Dawes).
8 out of 10.

After a short wait Andy came onstage and greeted the audience again and began his set.
From the moment he started playing everyone went silent and were just in awe of him.
He played through some old songs, some new songs and some of his more well known songs such as Rylynn and his cover of the Toto classic ‘Africa’.
It was nice to see an artist who talked to the audience like he was having a conversation with his friend.
He joked around a lot and shared some stories about his tour with Dream theater and playing with Prince and some stories about the songs, he also joked about making his vocal debut that night.
He seemed so grateful to everyone for supporting his music.
His playing was simply phenomenal; I was mesmerized.
Eventually after another new song he left the stage but the crowd weren’t leaving yet so he came back on and played his classic ‘Drifting’.

8 out of 10.

Neil Ivy.


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